March 28, 2009

Snow Cheap #6 (finale) race report

So as not to miss the entire month of March, I will throw a little post your way on the blog to let everyone know whats been going on. First off, the Fleet Feet Snow Cheap Winter Trail Race Series is over. The last race was some Wednesday back a few weeks ago and it was a blast as per normal.
Since daylight savings time hit, we really didn't need the headlamps for this one. The thaw had hit, and it was a nice night for a run. I don't really remember too much about it other than people telling me not to screw it up before the race by placing 2nd. I am somone who does not really like to let people down so I usually just replied with, "I'll try my best!"

I know I like to "front run" at some of these smaller local races...most people that race with me know that too. That night, my friend Alan decided to give me a little brief scare and BOLT off the start line and play with my head saying things like, "you don't want any blemishes on your perfect series" and crap like that. Within the first 1/2 mile, I had passed him and never heard anything from him again. Other than that, I don't remember too awful much. It was a fun technical race and I was ready to roll. I had just come off of a rest week and was playing around and just bombing thru the woods.I ended up winning it and sweeping the entire series. It didn't matter whether it was a snowshoe or trail run either. I placed first in all 6 races in the series and it was a cool thing to be able to stick to my goals and guns and do something that i thought I wouldn't be able to pull off. Winning a single race is something that as long as you play your cards right and have the ability, it's pretty simple. The whole series racing thing is a different beast all together!!! :o) And I like it! :o) The first few races are easy, then suddenly you have a target on your back and EVERYONE is after you... it's intense. I'd like to focus on series racing sometime down the road.

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Tim said...

6 races in the series. That's a weird conincidence because I heard about this crazy 6 Hour Snowshoe race that would be cool too. You know, get some buds together on a team. Then hope one doesn't require a Scab to run for him and that the other one shows up on time for the race and at the handoffs.