March 28, 2009

Ramblings and Ketchup

Yeah, so it's a lively Saturday night and I'm just catching up on old blog entries and relaxing a little bit. This week was a rest week and a significant reduction in volume as compared to previous weeks. (Last 3 before were 13/13.5/15 hours total - even WITH a trip out to Las Vegas the weekend BEFORE the final four tournament...long story)

But things have been pretty good lately. The sponsor for this year BERTS bikes, opened up a new shop located on 100 Jay Scutti Boulevard (same plaza as the BJ's wholesale superstore and right by Marketplace Mall) and they are officially open for business. If you haven't been in there, I highly suggest checking them out and stopping in to say HI. They have a massive wall of bikes (Four high!) to the right when you walk in and a little something for everyone (triathletes included!!)

On the plus side of things, Berts FINALLY threw a jersey my way (a bike jersey....but it's a start, at least it is something with their name on it so I can show my support!) and I actually wore it today on a nice training ride. They are apparently getting together some slick looking triathlon uniforms for me and the Egger's (I assume) and I'll post some photos of those later on when they arrive.

Other than that, things have been pretty status quo around here. I'm still kicking and will have some fun packages coming in the next few weeks from the sponsor that I'll be sure to post about when it arrives. But other than that, just laying down some good solid base IM training in prep for Ironman USA coming up in less than 4 months. (take 2) I'm finally doing intervals and structured bike training, so we'll see if I can hang with the guys in my age group this year on the bike. I have a very ambitious goal of breaking 10 hours at IMLP and it will take going fast on the bike AND the run to do so.

The Spring Forward 15k run is coming up in about a week or so and that's usually the race that gets the lead out of the legs and sees how the base training went, at least running wise... I went a 55:08 there last year and I would really like to see if I can bust open a sub 55 there this year. (that would beat my college 15k PR - and I'm self coached!!!) :o) So we'll see what happens. I was about 15 seconds behind Mr. Carl Johnson last year and that would be a big bonus to be able to squeeze out another W against him this year, but we'll see. He always knows I'm rearing for him and I'm calling Frozen Assets a fluke....for now.

Well it's about bed time for me (well maybe not...) but I want to be done, so I'm gonna head out. Train well and rest even better friends. I'm stoked that the sun is shining and we're all back out on the roads again (my neighbors really appreciate that...) I'll see you in the sunshine. JFT friends, cheers!

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Tim said...

Thanks for towing my butt around on that ride in your spiffy new jersey. Speaking of cool schwag, I heard some girl named Melissa is running around town in your 6 hour Snowshoe race shirt claiming she actually did the race. I just laughed because I know you had signed up with a team of your buds. No way you wouldn't have raced. She must be loco.