September 23, 2008

A few other pics to enjoy :o)

I wanted to throw a few other pics up here that were stragglers. Some of them are a little funny, but I wanted them up here nonetheless. This obviously was the bib # for IM Wisconsin this year.A nice picture of the REALLY dorky calf sleeves that I used for the marathon (both marathons). I'm not sure if I really believe that they work or if I will ever wear them again (seeing as they retained a LOT of water during both runs) but they are pretty good for recovery afterwards and that is what I will keep using them for.
This was the BEAST hanging up in my bedroom the day before I left for Madison. Wheels courtesy of Doug Bush (thanks again!) and all of the fun upgrades. Had to get at least one shot of her up here :o)
And last but not least was a surprise for me today in my office. My brother in law, Dave, came in today with a mid-afternoon treat that my sister Jenna had baked me as a congratulations for completing Ironman number three. I affectionatively refer to this as the Ironcake. It was delicious and unfortuantely is now gone as the majority of the office helped to devour it :o) Nothing like a mid afternoon sugar rush! Mmmm mmmmm :o)
That's all, I still have yet to get a race report up for the Rochester Marathon and that will be forthcoming, so look out, there's some crazy photos with that too. I'll keep you posted. Take care folks and I will see you all soon. Cheers.

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