September 16, 2008

Catchup-IMoo screen shot, ramblings

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I need to get a race report up here sometime and I think I'm close to getting my thoughts collected about that race (it's just a lot happened in it...and the weekend after it) so that's taken some time to process everything in my puny little head. :o)

For the people who read this (hi, mom! - haha, yeah right, bet she doesn't even read this!) I raced Ironman Wisconsin on 9/7/08 and I survived. A screen shot of my results is below:

So, there were the results...I promise that I'm gonna try to get a honest to goodness race report up here with some photos (managed to steal them all from ASI Photo :o) haha!) and all that good stuff, but in the mean time,I'm a little under the weather and not really feelign like slopping thru an entire race report (in painstakin detail) right now.

You see, I came home from Wisconsin and knew that I coulda raced faster (lots of reasons why, but I won't get into those until the report) I was very pleased with the consistency of my finish, but you know how it is to expect one thing and have something else happen. So, me being VERY stupid me, I signed up for the Rochester Marathon on 9/14/08 seeing as how my legs were feeling ok and the soreness was virtually gone from them....bad idea. Well, I completed both (only 7 days apart) and my legs are now fried (and so apparently is my immune system...)

And all in all, I owe myself (and you the readers) TWO race reports. I wanted to keep the Rochester Marathon a secret because I have a feeling a lot of people would've yelled at me for being a moron and attempting something as stupid as that, so I didn't tell too many people. But the cat's out of the bag now and I made it thru the both in one piece, so now I owe it to myself to get the reports up there. I'll try to at least get the IM one up ASAP (maybe by the weekend?) We shall see.

I'm done racing competitively for the rest of the year, so I hope to get some good beers in me and back to normal people life for a while. I'm out for now, but a good race report is forthcoming, so be aware :o) Take care, rest (chicken soup for me!) and train hard and I'll talk to you later folks, cheers.

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