March 28, 2008

100th Post!!!!!

Yeah, so I know you all have called me out on it, but the whole "not having a computer at my apartment" thing is cramping my blogging style by not allowing me to post every awesome thing that is going on in life.

Things are going really well here in the land of "Keep Moving Forward". This year has been good thus far, last week ended a 14+ hour training week and I am ultimately training for Ironman Wisconsin in September, but I obviously am doing some other really fun stuff along the way. (Musselman, Boston, etc.)

First things first, I'm running the 112th edition of the Boston Marathon in less than a month, which I'm pretty stoked about. We got bib#'s issued earlier this week and yours truly is bib # 1991. (so feel free to track online if you so desire. Bib#'s for amateurs start at 1001, so I guess it's a pretty low #, which will be nice to try and hit my sky high goal of breaking 2:55 at Boston. (ran a 2:55:17 at Philly to qualify) But it will be fun. This is the first year I am actually running it and have actually registered for the race. I've run it several other times, but only by jumping in for a few miles and running alongside friends. I got a chance to experience the volume of Wellsley college last time, so I'll know what to expect there :o)

But yeah, Boston is what I am gearing up for right now and after that is a wedding in PA for my good friends John and Theresa, then a bunch of other local races which I'll try to update when I get a chance to the 2008 schedule on the sidebar (I've been negligent recently, I know!)

Good news on the sponsorship side, Handlebars is still with me and they are stoked that I'm doing IMmoo and Boston and other local races so they are hooking me up and pimping my bike in prep for Wisconsin. (thank you so much Handlebars!!!)

But yeah, it's a rest week for me and I just downed about half of a pizza and 2 sodas so I'm gonna relax, hang out a bit and then it's to bed in prep for an easy 16 mile run tomorrow in Mendon. (9am, meet at the beach parking lot if anyone local is interested and reading this in the next 12 hours...)

So take it easy, train (and rest) hard and I'll see you on the roads. Cheers.

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Train-This said...

way to mention your awesome swim team grasshopper

:-0 Mary