May 8, 2012

Change is coming...

A good friend once told me that life is more than just multi sport, and while I understand that fact and truly believe him, things are moving quick here in the land of Keep Moving Forward.  That's not a bad thing either.  many people have commented on all the stresses happening in life lately, but the way that we look at it - there's really nothing exceptionally BAD happening.  No one has died, no one has lost their job, the sun is still coming up and things are going well.
For those that don't know and are completely lost by the not-so subtle context above, here is the run-down of things happening in life lately that's causing this blog post:

  1. I'm getting married to my best friend and future Mrs. Keep Moving Forward in about 2.5 weeks (not like anyone is excited and counting down or anything!) and we're travelling to Naples, FL to tie the knot :-)
  2. We're travelling immediately afterwards to Costa Rica for our Honeymoon and will return home to Rochester on June 3rd.
  3. We're moving to Ohio on June 8th. (yes-that's only 5 days after we come home from the honeymoon) You see, Kim got a huge promotion at her job and subsequently will be working out of the corporate HQ in Columbus, OH.  My work is currently allowing me to work remotely from home which is awesome, and helping the transition immensely.  
  4. We're also building a house, but to compound on the problem, it's not going to be completed until mid-July.  So that means staying in an extended stay hotel for a few weeks while the house gets finished up.
  5. Since about March, Kim's been on a schedule with the new position that requires her to be in Columbus about every other week.  
  6. Kim also had to turn in the company car and we had to buy a new vehicle for her.  That's pretty much all taken care of right now, but it was still good stuff that happened in the last few weeks.
So with that all being said, there are a lot of other things in there as well that coincide with the 6 big stressors above.  Like we had to organize finances and get the mortgage paperwork together.  Get all of this stuff done semi-remotely as Kim was in Columbus every other week and I have still been in NY.  Along with showers, bachelor parties, an intense house-hunting weekend trip to Ohio, a trip to hike the Grand Canyon and everything else, it's been a little hectic in our world lately.
Taken 3/27/2012
But with this being a multi-sport blog I wanted to let you all know that I've been still pounding out the hours in prep for Rev3 at Cedar Point this September and I've been consistently in the 20+ hours of training per week club since about the first week of February.  But with training so much and everything else still going on, I've cut back on racing for some time until September.  I just hopped into a trail race on Sunday and that was a blast, but I'll post a separate entry about that later.  I wanted to shoot up a few good pics of the house progression and my most favorite from the Grand Canyon trip.
Life's been crazy, but good lately.  Just wanted to share the journey.  Keep training hard friends and I'll see you on the roads and trails.  Cheers.


Krista Aukeman Englert said...

I was born and raised in Columbus, and I absolutely LOVE it! My family is still there. Be sure to hit up Graeter's Ice Cream after a particularly tough day of training for calorie replenishment!

Go Bucks! And best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Travis! I wish you and Kim a life full if happiness! I'll never forget our fun at Safeco! So happy we met and keep sharing your journey! All my love to you both!! Chat at you soon!! CONGRATULATIONS! ! chow chow for now!! Kiwi

Tim said...

I hope that third garage space is for all your bikes. I wish I had one of those. LUCKY!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Travis, hopefully things will go well for the move and being a newly wed, it's awesome, I'll be praying for you. Two weeks from now, I'll be doing my first Keuka Lake Olympic Tri, one of your favorites. That'll be fun.

Jason Knarr

Anonymous said...

And I'll be praying for Kim as well.

Jason Knarr