July 21, 2011


I'm slowly starting to get the jitters about competing this weekend and I think it's mainly from the amount of support that has been pouring in from everyone.  I got to work this morning at The Employment Store and our homepage (that we use internally) was revamped with a little "good luck message" just for me, which was awesome!
I cannot tell you all how much I just want Sunday to come and to actually be out on the course.  I can tell already that it will be an incredible day and a good friend and training partner commented to me, "just worry about getting to T2 this year and the rest will fall in place" Sunday fun-day is almost upon us and I cannot wait to get out there and execute on race day :o) Just gotta tie up some loose ends at work before we head up to the North Country...see you up there friends! Cheers.


Tim said...

Sunday is your fun day? Good luck with the race. Might suck if you have the Bangles stuck in your head all race though.
Cool about your work webpage and all the support you are getting. If anyone understands the need for athletic support, it's me.
Here's my advice, don't drown, ride fast&safe, then kill'em on the run. No prisoners in a methodically fast pacing that eats up your competition. You're like a wood chipper for your competitors. You will leave a trail of beaten athletes, fuel belts and nip guards in your wake. Good luck man!

Karyn said...

good luck t*rav!!! you are going to be amazing!

keep calm and carry on!

Tim said...

Congrats man! We are going to have to have a bake sale to raise money to send you to Kona buddy. I hope you know lots of old Betty's that like to bake. I come in with the purchasing and consuming of baked goods obviously. One does not achieve my level of weekend warrior physique thru occassional exercise alone.