May 23, 2011

Flour City half with Jenna

I've said it before that I used to be the only one in my family that really did anything remotely athletic.  I've always felt like the black sheep and when I tell my parents that I'm gonna go for a 100+ mile ride, I never really know if they understand or not.  But it's not the case anymore.  My sister has in the past year or so, started to do all sorts of running races and I've been super proud of what she's doing.
See, Jenna wants to set an awesome example for her two little boys (my nephews, Jakob and Noah) that you can do whatever you put your mind to as long as you follow a plan and execute it.  What she's doing now is what I can only hope to do later on in life for my own children. She ran the Rochester half marathon last fall after training all summer and did really well.  This year, for her birthday, I signed us both up for the Flour City Half Marathon and told her I would run it with her.  Thing was it was the day after running the S7 and I was pooped!  
Regardless, we had a blast and I talked to her the entire way, trying to distract my sister from the running that was taking place. The photographers seemed to catch us goofing around and the photo at the finish line is the only shot that has both of us in the same frame.   Her boys came to the finish with their dad and they had little signs that read "go mommy!" scribbled on the backs of cereal boxes.  It was so cool and my parents even came too in order to show their support.  I really wish though we had gotten a post race pic of us with our medals because that would've been cool.  Maybe next time :o)
Jenna didn't really have the race that I know that she is capable of, (she had some GI and blister issues) but it definitely sparked the fire and motivated her to purchase a heart rate monitor and start speaking about signing up for the Rochester FULL Marathon in September!  I couldn't be more proud. :o) She'll have that wicked fast half marathon someday, but the course and the heat/hills were a little much for an early season race for a lot of people (just as the woman that was passed out in Mt. Hope as we passed who the medics were running towards....)  Jenna'll be in tip top shape for September and I can't wait to see how she does. I'm excited about NOT being the only one in my immediate family who's done these crazy endurance races anmymore though :o)
I have much more to tell about the last few weeks of training and what's coming up in the next few, but I wanted to get this one up to show her how proud I am of her.  Now sit back Jenna, relax and let the blisters heal, and enjoy some cookies! :o) Cheers!

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