September 9, 2010

Squirrelly state of my state

That picture really has nothing to do with this post, but I just thought the t-shirt was awesome and needed some recognition. :o) But anyway, on to the proverbial "state of my state".  Things have been going really well around the lands of Keep Moving Forward lately and I've been gearing up my training in prep for the Chicago Marathon coming up in a month and a day (but who's counting really?)

I've been pouring in the miles on my feet and completely forgone the biking and swimming as of late.  I guess you can say that I'm truly focusing on my running again and it's kind of bringing meback to my roots (or something like that...) Our masters swimming program starts up again on 9/20/10, but I will not be joining until after Chicago is done.  I truly love swimming, but I really don't want to get back into the pool as soon as my taper is starting and start working out different muscles that haven't been used in a good 3-4 months.  As much as I'd love to hop back in, I can wait a few weeks and get back in the pool once business is taken care of in the windy city and utilize swimming as a pseudo recovery after the marathon.

My training has been going really well lately too which is nice.  I've thrown down some good speed workouts (Yasso 800's) and have had some good pacing long runs that I've gotten under my belt.  (20 mile run at 6:40/mile pace) and I have some serious goals that I'd like to hit for October 10th, but there's still some more work to be done before then.  For the first time in a while, my run mileage has been over 40-50 miles per week and while that may not sound like a lot, I know from years of running under my belt, I'm a runner that thrives off lower quality mileage instead of just tons and tons of junk mileage. 
The one thing I have been dealing with (and I blame it on getting older) is I have been creaking and cracking so much more lately than in years past.  One thing I have realized over the years is that I have extremely tight calves.  I've done the whole precautionary things such as purchasing those ridiculous calf sleeves that are supposed to give compression to your lower extremities and increase blood flow and keep your muscles loosened up. Well this year after purchasing a new type of running shoe, I started to develop slight plantar faciitis. It’s not crippling or too severe. It’s just painful when I take the first few steps out of bed in the morning. Kind of like the picture above.

I’ve been trying to prevent the on-slaught of pain by icing and stretching a ton, but it’s not really getting any better, just kind of maintaining. I’m having a feeling it’s from giving up the biking and the swimming and converting those into running miles. My weekly running mileage went up from about 30 a few weeks ago to over 50 this past week and I’m having a feeling the increased and focused running has something to do with it. I'm dealing with it, and I'm hoping it goes away once the marathon is in the past.  I've got to get things all locked up for IMLP next July and be 100% once I get to that starting line. 

I suppose I will write up an analysis of my race plan as the date draws nearer (including paces and goals, etc), but I'm getting ready to dance this upcoming weekend in Hell, Michigan for my second foray into the crazy relay trail world (I did this 100k relay in 2007 too).  It will be a fun time with fun people and I'm sure we will all enjoy a few brews after a long and hard days work :o) If you're going to hell this weekend, see you there, otherwise, get out on the roads and trails and I'll see you as I'm prepping for Chicago.  Cheers.

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