March 18, 2010

Crossed a life goal off the list yesterday

So, since I started running after college I've had a few goals roaming around my head. One in particular was to be able to run a 10 miler in under an hour. Last night I went out for my normal 5 mile loop around my neighborhood and was planning on doing it twice to be a total of a 10 mile run. I clocked thru the first loop in 30:30 and was feeling pretty fresh. I hauled as fast as I could for the 2nd of my two loops and when I hit the finish, I was kind of in shock. I always thought that I would do this in a race setting and not a training run (and definitely not a training run that was on week 3 of a three week build session…)

I came thru for 10 miles in 59:36.

I think I’m still in shock….

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Tim said...

I feel shocked Cotton. Good work man. Where was that kind of speed at CAS? Huh?
I'm coming for you at Dances though. Trail race where getting lost is entirely possible so I am not worried about your speedy 10 milers. Your straight line speed is no match for my experience and woodsmen abilities.