September 29, 2009

Quick update

For those who wonder, I'm still kicking. Been a little busy as of late because of sorting out insurance dealings with my primary insurance and excess coverage (provided by USAT - thank you to those who recommended that to me!) and dealing with putting forth a crash replacement claim to try and get a discount on a new Cervelo bicycle frame. Apparently, my handlebars spun around during the crash and cracked a nice split in the top tube of my bike, so I am in need of a new frame. All in all it's coming to be a long drawn out process for everything and a pain in the neck!! :o)

Speaking of literal pains however, I'm doing okay. Saturday was exactly two months from the date of the crash and I seem to be healing well. My road rash is all healed up and is scared pretty nicely everywhere on my body. I still have a large patch about the size of a half dollar on my back that has been described to me as a "very deep abrasion" that looks like it is healing from the bottom layer out, but seems to get better daily. The 8 inch inscision scar on my left clavicle is better and not as grotesque looking. (honestly looked like a horror movie) As of the last orthopedic visit, the plate is only bending slightly so it's a race against whether or not I can heal faster than the plate can bend. Still haven't been cleared to bike or swim yet, but each day I feel more solid and together.

Other than that I've been staying busy volunteering, visiting friends and family and pretty much doing what I normally do. I was cleared to run about a month ago and am still signed up for the NYC marathon on 11/1/09 so I'm going to try to complete that. I still haven't decided if I want to chase a lofty goal of qualifying for Boston during that race or not. (somehow I don't think that 9 weeks of prep after 2-3 months off is enough training time...) But we'll see if I just got to race it for fun or to get a BQ.

I had the opportunity to race a 5k with my sister on her birthday this year which was absolutely amazing. No one in my family really does anything too athletically so I'm kind of the weird black sheep when I say things like, "Mom and dad I rode my bike to Buffalo and back today!" and they don't really understand. Dad is getting better (having been to 4 IM's now...) but I haven't been able to actually share an endurance event with anyone up until Jenna and I ran a 5k in Victor. It was her first 5k and it was SUPER hilly and she finished in sub 10 minute miles which made me so proud! :o) I ran alongside her the entire way and her boys Jakob and Noah even came to the finish to cheer her on and help support along with their daddy Dave. It was awesome. A fantastic day.

I wish I had some more pics or something to post, but this one is going to be very blah. The computer at home here acts funny and doesn't always pick up a wireless signal, so I have to type fast when I can. Expect some good pics and a better repot next month. Until then, I'm just getting back into the swing of things, so get out there, crunch some leaves underfoot and enjoy the nice crisp weather. (and an Oktoberfest beer or 12 :o) haha!) Take care friends, see you out there! Cheers.


Train-This said...

Believe me I know how much this all sucks..... and how the costs might seem to just be adding up and adding up from places you didn't expect, new bike, insurance, this + that....... I am just so freaking glad that we aren't standing at a headstone. You will heal, the bills will get paid off (eventually) and not only will you be back, we will be able to fill your mug with poolwater once again! And I will take that over what could have been ANY DAY!

I am extra proud of you for running with your sister!

Tim said...

I am stoked to hear you're wanting to spend more time with your friends. How much time? Like 6 hours maybe?
Get well and I'll see if I can find a pic of us in our suits from the waterstop this past weekend. That way you have proof of this "volunteering" and race goodwill of which you speak.

And we are glad you're around to complain about the bike.