May 24, 2007

Just call me SUPERMAN :)

So this has never happened before. I went out on Monday evening after work and drove to Kershaw Park on Canandaigua Lake to take a nice and leisurely 56 mile ride around the lake. I thought nothing of it, had all my nutrition that I needed, enough gatorade and water to weigh down THE BEAST until she was like 20 lbs. I was set.

I depart and its a nice, cool, calm, balmy night and I embark to kick some ass around the lake. (I've been told that the course around the lake is about as tough, if not worse thatn the IMLP bike course, so it's good training.) - I'll report on my findings after I come back from Placid this weekend - we're doing a recon trainign weekend which I'll tell more about later.

So I'm there 8.61 miles in to the 56 mile ride and cranking up a larger hill in Canandaigua and all of the sudden, the tension is not on the cranks anymore and I spin free. I figure I slipped the chain somehow and I look down to find something dragging behind my was my chain. Apparently, you can refer to me as Superman from now on as my legs are strong enough to rip metal apart.

That's right, a 2 year old chain was completely torn in two on my cervelo P2C on Monday night and as I stood on the side of the road in disbelief, I realized that by the time I call someone and have them drive the 40 minutes to the lake from Rochester, I might be able to make it back to my car, so with a greasy bike chain in one hand, the beast in the other, and bike shoes still on my feet, I began the 8.61 mile trek back to the car on foot.

I coasted the downhills and walked the flats and uphills and 5 miles later, this REALLY nice guy who had just come back from coaching little league with his 2 sons, offered to drive me back to my car. His name was Curt. Thank you Curt. I know you likely will not read this blog, but my 3 hour ride was cut short and I was pissed enough as is and Curt made life a little easier. THANK YOU so much.

So today, I have to get a replacement chain for the Cervelo before I head to Placid tomorrow after work. 6 of us are heading up there and I am planning on riding 112 on the bike course on Saturday followed by a 2 mile transition run and then Sunday is an 18-20 mile run on the run course. Of course with beers in between and maybe a day hike afterwards on Sunday after we do the long run and we'll head up one of the 46er's in the Placid region (one of my life goals is to climb all 46 peaks that are above 4000' in the Adirondak region...)

Sorry there are no pictures in this post, I hope people read this far. I'll report on the Placid bike and run courses after the Memeorial Day weekend. Take care all, train hard and have a good beer or two on the holiday and relax. See you on the roads.


SkiRough said...

Have a good Memorial day weekend yourself!

And, there were pictures, I enjoyed the link to the Beast.

Bolder said...

hey superman,

a training ride is the BEST place to break the master link on a chain.

in an Ironman, not so much.