November 16, 2006

Gross, I know...


This photo was taken on 11/17/05 in my apartment shortly after forking over the $450 registration fee for Ironman Florida. Notice the lack of muscle definition and larger arms and beer gut (remnants of college)


This photo was taken after a year of Ironman training on 10/28/06 and I was down to 154lbs. Notice the same paper confirmation page from my registration. Not too much change, but a little more definition. The big weight loss was from senior year of college (2004) to the spring of 2005 where I went from 195lbs down to 165lbs. I wish I had a picture of THAT transformation!

I just wanted to get up a before and after shot of how IM training and racing has changed me. I'll post other photos later on of racing and the like. Cheers.


Bolder said...

you look like an Ironman!


great to see you take to an active and healthy lifestyle.

keep at it!

Anonymous said...

hey hottie. I showed my flatmates your pics. I cant believe the difference, esp b/c I never thought you were pudgy at all "before" haha. But really, you are an Ironman. Hows life? I miss you! Rachel is one lucky woman!! -ev

Travis said...


I know I wasn't really "pudgy" before beginning my trainnig for IMFL....I just "slimmed down" a bit.

I figured the less weight that I had to carry over the 140.6 miles, the better!!