October 6, 2006

Trying to get over the last big hump

Well my peeples,

This has been a long and hard last 4 weeks. I know I had left you all with the promise of getting to this every week during my last 4 week build period, but I've been slipping... I know, it's the curse of the triathlete. Try to fit as many things into such a small amount of time. There are only so many hours of the day and something had to give, and guess what? It was updating you all on my progresses.

But, I'm back and I'm alive. I survived a 12 hour week (the usual) a 14 hour week, a 15 hour week (just barely survived that, more on that later though) and this will cap off what is looking to be a 16 hour week (if I can get my shit in line - literally and figureatively of course!...ANYWAY)

There have been some big workouts since the last post, some hard swimmings been done. Alone, I finally broke the 13:00 barrier in the 1000. I hit a 12:53 and almost had my head explode from not enough oxygen to my brain. There was a 110 mile ride to Letchworth State Park where I felt like I was bonking on the way home, but only took 6 hours to complete, so that's looking up. The next day after that though i tried for a 20 mile run and my muscles were fine. My insides revolted is all...Luckily I stayed close to my apartment and after two stops to "evacuate" I halted my forward progress at mile 10 and called it a day. I think it may have something to do with increasing run mileage too fast and the extra stressors on my body from increased training.

Well anyway, it's been hairy, but the end is in sight. I just have to get thru Sunday and then it is a glorious rest week, then a 3 week taper down to the big dance. Sunday I have a planned 3 hour ride in the morning and then will be running with an old high school friend back home near my parents place for 17 miles at 3pm. All of this of course is after the Champagne Party on Friday night at Greg's place that I convinced everyone to dress up in uber formal wear for. I'll post pictures if anyone has them.

Well, THE RACE is only 28 days away and I am freaking a little bit. I'm scared, but not in fear of the distance. It's a healthy fear I think....I hope. It's just hard to trust in a plan you have built for yourself and you find yourself second guessing EVERYTHING too. I don't have a fancy coach, so I've been just increasing mileage and hourage and doing the whole 3 weeks on and one rest week a month. It's worked, we'll see if it was enough in about a month....28 days to be exact.

Well tomorrow is the last chance to dance at the shorter distances and I am hoping to have fun at the Rizzos Buffalo Triathlon Club duathlon in Grand Island, NY. There are good names racing and my family is finally coming to watch me so I know I won't dissappoint. I need to do well to hang on to my 2nd place overall standing in the Score-This multisport series. I'm hoping to podium and race really well one last time as a BIG confidence booster for Florida. It's a 2.5 mile run/16 mile out and back bike/2.5 mile run, so it's simple and should be wicked fast. I'll have my parents there which will make me push for everything I'm worth too. Wish me luck guys.

Anyway, I'll post a report and results as per usual on Monday, but until then, train hard and see you on the course. Cheers.

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Bolder said...

i hear yah, my youngah brothah from anothah mothah!

it's getting rough and tough... eyes on the prize... 27 days to Iron!

rock that du! report back!!